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IT Help desk Support

Printer connectivity and support that extends past the print button and onto paper.

Technical and Maintenance

Service and support that will keep your printer running. At Inland Digital Solutions our replacement parts arrive the morning of the next business day. Our HP trained technicians will keep your new and used HP printer functioning with clean and clear image quality.

Supplies Delivery

At Inland Digital Solutions we have a intelligent app  that gives us toner levels and meter readings. It notifies us when our customers are low on toner and supplies as well as when we need to replace parts.

Printing packages that will save you money

Shop our printers by how many pages you need to print scan and send monthly and pay a set rate that will save you money on supplies and equipment.

We will get you up and running with your new printing equipment.

Our printers offer many features. From job accounting to connectivity that will let you send a scan through fax, email, server or dropbox. We will make sure you know how to use these features so that you can maximize your efficiency.

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We can help you find the printer that fits your needs for today and tomorrow.

Send us an email for more information on your next business solution.