• Automatic Meter Read/Toner Level Reporting

    We have automatic meter and toner level reporting at Inland Digital Solutions. This is available to customers with a windows pc on the same network as their printer.

    This secure app is called fmaudit and it  sends us information about the printer on a frequent basis so that we have daily meter reads on file. meter-reading-ss

    It also gives us toner levels and statistical data on when the cartridge may run out

    toner level screen shot

    If this app is installed on users computer and stops reporting, for whatever reason. We will call for meter readings.  We can however send you the link in an email to reinstall the app.

    The email that we will send you will look kind of like this. You will just need to click the installer link.


    The download link will look like this


    When you click download you are going to want to click save, or save as.dl-ss

    Once the file has downloaded, you are going to want to locate the file in your download folder, and then right click on it. Then click Run as administrator.


    Once the file has opened  just follow the installation prompts and let it FmAudit install.



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