Scan to Dropbox

Scanning directly to dropbox can be made easy in a few steps

Set up a scan to dropbox email at

Then add the adress to your contact list.

Install HP printer

To setup a HP branded printer go to

Guide for Acrobat Reader DC prints streaks

Acrobat Reader DC prints streaks

Acrobat Reader DC prints streaks (black lines or bands) instead of text after upgrading to Windows 10 Anniversary update.

Solution: Update Acrobat to the latest version

The problem is fixed in the January 10, 2017 release of Acrobat DC and Reader DC. This update is automatically applied to all existing installations of Acrobat DC and Reader DC. You can also open Acrobat or Reader DC and choose Help > Check for updates to make sure you are on the latest patch.

Details about the release: Release notes | DC January 2017.

Setting up Scan to PC in Easy Printer Manager

Scan to PC allows you to walk up to the scanner and select a pc ID to scan to. In setting up the ID you can pick a specific location on your computer to scan to.


To get started we need to download and run Easy Printer manager. It can be downloaded during driver setup, or directly downloaded from these links  PC or Mac

When Easy Printer Manager is opened for the first time, it opens in simple mode. To set up scan to pc, select the advanced mode button, as illustrated in the image below.

Easy Printer manage-Simple Mode

Once in advanced mode, in the left pane, select the scanner or MFP that you want to use.


Open the Scan to PC Settings tab in the upper area.


Enable Scan to PC. Its the check bubble on the left.


Choose the file destination you prefer by scrolling to file setting and selecting the browse button .


In this window select browse if you prefer a different location then the default. Then select your preferred location and click ok.


Click Save at the bottom


Create the Scan ID you prefer and select OK.


Your Settings will be saved at this point and they should be displayed in the scan to pc options on the Scanner or MFP.


Easy Printer manage-Simple Mode

M3370 Paper tray sensor replacement

This is a video guide on how to replace the paper tray sensor in the M3370.


One Click Scan Shortcuts

For all those people out there who need to speed up their work flow this guide is for you. We will go over creating a workflow shortcut on the desktop. For one click scanning, to go where you need it to, configured how you need it to be configured.

The first step is to select the scan location. It can be smb, pc, email or what ever location  you frequently need scans to go to.


Secondly we are going to want to select our preferred settings. In this screen shot we are selecting Mixed Size. To allow mixed size to show up in this field we will have to have paper resting in the scanner adf for the rest of this process.


Another setting that is based on how you load paper is the original orientation. This one may or may not have a graphic that reflects how the scan will show up depending on the way the paper is loaded into the adf.


There are plenty of other presets you can select. I only gave example of the most commonly sought after settings.

After you have selected all your preferred settings you are going to click on the three vertical dots, right of the star in the upper right corner .

When this menu drops down you are going to want to tap on the “Add to My Program” selection on the top of the drop down list.


We are going to give the program a name, then we will enable auto start and add it to the home screen. This will make it a one click icon on the desktop


Now you will have a icon that looks like a paper plane sitting on your desktop. You will want to have your paper loaded before you click the icon.


Lines on scans and copies.


Lines on scans and copies are quite a nuisance. They can appear from time to time and then disappear or get thicker and more numerous.

If these lines appear just on scans and copies then they can taken care of without any maintenance or parts.


On most scanners there is a large glass bed.

To the left of the glass bed is a strip of glass. This strip of glass  is involved when ever you do a scan through the feeder.


The paper slides past this small strip of glass. When there is even a finger print, smudge or small particle stuck to the surface  of this glass, then it could cause a streak or line across the scan/copy.  Any larger piece of dirt will definitely leave a line


Try removing this dirt and do a test. If you successfully removed it then the lines should disappear. It is easier to see the finer dirt with a bright light. Also most glass cleaners like Windex can be helpful.



updating email password through smtp settings

This is a short tutorial on updating the email password on a samsung printer.


Go to sync through ( there will be a blog on getting to syncthru shortly)


Step 2

Open Network Settings


Step 3

Select outgoing mail server (SMTP)


Step 4

Scroll to smtp login information and corect  your  Password then hit apply


Scroll to test and click it


If the result is success then everything was entered properly and you should be able to perform scan to email  ( I will have a more in depth guide on this process in the future)


Samsung Mobile Print

With Samsung Mobile print you can print from your mobile android or ios device. Even if you are using a samsung printer that has print job accounting such as username and password or just pin, you can input these details into the app.

The app is available on these app stores. click the links to download.


For Android users (2.1 or later), the Samsung Mobile Print App can be downloaded here:

Download for Android

For iOS users (3.2 or later), the Samsung Mobile Print App can be downloaded from the App Store:

Download for iOS


Remedy for Driver Issues

Remedy for Driver issues


If a driver has stopped working it is common practice to remove the printer from Devices and Printers and then reinstall the printer. Afterward job accounting needs to be added to the driver (if your company makes you use job accounting.)


If you don’t need to remove the driver, then head on down to step 3.

How to:

Step 1: Open up Devices and printers



Step2: Remove Printer by right clicking on the printer and selecting remove device.



Step 3: Reinstall printer by going to Then, download and open installer. Or download the universal driver and run it.


Step 4: In installer select the following then click next: Check the agreement then hit next> Check existing printer then hit next> Highlight your printer, for example the Samsung CLX-9252 9352 Series, then hit next> In the Select Software to Install pane select only the Samsung CLX-9252 9352 Series PS printer driver then click Next> Wait for download and installation to finish> In the Setup Completed screen, deselect Register Samsung Cloud Print then click finish.



Step 5: How to input Job accounting.

Repeat step one by opening up devices and printers. Then, right click on the newly installed printer. Select printer preferences


Step 5a: In printing preferences click on the advanced tab


Step5b: In the Advanced tab, Select Job Accounting


Step 5c: In Job accounting  make sure that the account type is accounting. Make sure that user permissions is selected. Make sure that under user ID, Enter name is the selected choice. Where the Yellow oval is, put the users username and below it we enter the password twice. Alternatively is this is a community computer then just type in a message for the user to read, where the yellow circle is then check the check box for Confirm name/password when printing.


After you have finished entering the proper details, hit ok and then hit apply in printing preferences.

Now perform a test print. If accounting details were inputted improperly then the job will not go through. So check carefully the spelling of the username and password as these are case sensitive.